Top 4 Cheap Vlogging Camera?

The life of a vlogger is exhilarating with the power of digital photography in their palms. Traveling from place to place, taking shots and recording videos of the way they see the world through the lens…sharing their experiences to all.

A good companion of a vlogger is his camera hence a good camera is a happy vlogger. Here I will take you through the Top 4 Cheap Vogging cameras for all beginners (or those on a budget) to use when starting the journey that is vlogging.

Nikon Coolpix L32

Nikon has been creating great quality camera is from time and memorial. The Coolpix sub brand offers affordability whilst retaining quality. This fabulous camera packs a 20.1MP back camera capable of 5x wide angle boosting the excellent Nikkor zoom lens perfect for capturing wide ranged imagery. The video quality stands at a good 720p resolution, an option satisfactory for vloggers on a budget.

Powered by two AA rechargeable batteries, the Nikon L32 provides long lasting battery life of about 325 shots. Essential to vlogging; a good camera with a good battery is a vloggers friend.

Other unrecognized features include the smart portrait system and a 3.0-inch display capable of flipping.

Sony Cybershot DSCW810

One of the main features that I love about this camera is that it offers great quality optical image/video stabilization. The camera is fitted with an optical visualization stabilization lens dedicated to high quality stabilized imagery.

Why is this important? The Cybershot DSCW810 accurately stabilizes ‘wobbly’ unfocused videos that tend to occur during movement when taking a shot or a video. This prevents the production of poor quality videos that would otherwise form without this feature. After all, no one enjoys watching low-quality shaky videos.

It produces 720p quality video at 20.1MP with an outstanding 6x optical zoom; highly appreciated feature especially when taking far shots and videos that need to be zoomed.

Unfortunately, the camera has a poor battery life only lasting around 200 shots until the battery is depleted. Here makes it impossible to go a full day vlogging without the aid of a sufficient power bank or spare AA batteries in hand.

Sony W800

Another optical stabilization camera; the Sony W800 features a whopping SteadyShot image stabilization an innovation of Sony Technologies. The camera focuses on producing sharp unblurred imaging despite the condition or movement of the camera with less noise.

This device offers 20.1MP, and 5 optical zoom feature capable of taking clear shots from a far yet keeping a good resolution and quality of the image when cropped.

Featuring a sweep panorama mode, one can record wide angle videos smoothly and efficiently at 720p. A handy tool for vloggers especially when including things in the background in your videos.

Nikon Coolpix S2900

This entry level device is the first in the list to feature WiFi connectivity. No longer should vloggers stress over connecting their camera is to a computer to transfer data when they can easily do all that and more remotely. Submit videos directly to YouTube or store data to cloud storage platforms when external memory is little.Directly saves you the hassle.

Despite this, the device is pretty light and feels good to touch. Hence can be held for prolonged hours in comfort.

Disappointingly the battery life is not as good, as it lasts for a duration of 252 shots maximum. Video quality is good at 720p offering an ISO of 3200 which means it is better at recording during nighttime and low light conditions with little or low noise produced.

I reckon this device for night life vloggers. The added advantage of WiFi support makes this device fantastic.


Choose a camera that you seem comfortable using. These budget camera should set you on the road of vlogging, with enough practice you can be next YouTube sensation earning yourself more cash to spend on better cameras and equipment. Stay genuine and pursue your dreams.

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